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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  January 30, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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district... we'll have the latest live. breaking news on the san francisco quarter front. a fatal shooting in a busy tourist district. we will have the latest live. >> find out as much as you can and stay safe. a bay area family struggles to stay in touch with their daughter in cairo. the challenges to find connections. a 1.5 billion project in the heart of san francisco. what begins tomorrow that could affect traffic for years. paying tribute to the man who refused to be shipped to a japanese internment camp. i'm ann notarangelo. good evening. we begin tonight with breaking news. we are getting reports of a fatal shooting in one of san francisco's most popular tourist areas. it happened in the 200 block of jefferson along fisherman's wharf. that's where don knapp joins us with the latest. don? >> reporter: ann, we do know and have just confirmed with the police that there are two people on the floor of a
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building across the street who are dead. take a look across the street and we will try to show you where it is. it is right next to joe's crab shack. looks like it is a gift building. it has a garage door that opens onto the street. tourist go there to buy things. there is a person in custody. there has been some speculation the person in custody may be a shop owner. it is suggested something may have happened inside the shop and two people are on the floor dad. it happened 8:30 p.m. tonight. it took awhile for homicide to get here. they got here probably 15, 20 minutes ago. so they are investigating and said this is all we can tell you at this point. two people are dead. it is right here at fisherman's wharf. right across the street from that area where the fishing boats are very close to the sidewalk. right here on jefferson. we will let you have more information on 11:00 p.m. news. but right now that's about all we have. >> don knapp in san francisco.
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thank you very much. well, on to egypt where the capitol is far from quiet tonight. the violence is continuing despite the curfew and the country's president is under increasing pressure to resign. here is the latest. >> reporter: the sound of gunshots echoed through cairo sunday night. earlier in the day egyptian government fighter jets flew low over the city minutes before a curfew went into effect but thousands of protestors remained outside demonstrating into the night. the opposition leader joined them and echoed the call for president hosni mubarak to step down after 30 years in power. looters broke into stores and burned vehicles during the night. >> is this like a country. >> reporter: state t.v. showed what it says are dozens
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of inmates captured after they broke out of prison but many more are still free. tanks guarded cairo's museum where the famous king tut exhibit and ancient mummies are on display after looters tried to storm in saturday. the state department issued a travel warning sunday for american citizens in egypt recommending they leave as soon as possible. now the u.s. embassy in egypt says it is making arrangements to begin flying americans out monday. secretary of state hillary clinton urged the president's government to maintain law and order but to protect the right for peaceful protestors to express themselves. >> we are focused on a transition that will meet the needs of the egyptian people and will truly establish democracy. >> reporter: protestors say they won't leave until president hosni mubarak resigns. >> as you just heard the chaos in the streets of cairo has led to looting and violence. frenzied mobs stormed shops and
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supermarkets hauling away whatever they can carry. police are nowhere to be found. for now people in cairo neighborhoods are taking matters into their own hands, armed with naives and clubs they set up check points to keep out strangers. >> it is a knife but i never used it before. i hope i will never use it. >> no one is going inside. people will die to go inside. either we die or they die. >> the military now guards the national museum home to the world's greatest egyptian treasures. looters attacked it last night smashing two mummies. thousands of travelers were stranded when the country's national airline egypt air canceled 25 flights today. delta, the only american airline with direct flights to egypt has suspended its flights. tomorrow the u.s. government will begin evacuating americans from egypt on charter flights to europe. one bay area family is
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watching the egypt situation because their daughter is in egypt to study. >> you should all stay together. you have food and water. >> reporter: moral advice from halfway across the world. her daughter is a student in cairo. they finally made contact yesterday. >> are you okay? and the first thing she said is i'm fine. then she just kind of launched right into a recap of the few days before. >> reporter: including being tear gased on her way home. she has barely left her apartment since. >> the advice was be aware what's going on. find out as much as you can and stay safe. you know. just be prepared for long haul. >> and leave your 16 handbags and 10 hats and knitting behind. they want you to get out quickly. >> we were trying to get a feeling from her whether she was willing to evacuate. >> reporter: but information has been difficult to come by. t.v. news has been intermittent. cell phones and internet service have been down for
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days. >> keep trying the internet. we heard there was just a little shred of internet and you just have to keep trying. >> reporter: the only way they are able to talk now is through skype mobile. >> inability to get any solid information even from the state department. >> reporter: now word that the u.s. embassy will evacuate americans. >> i think if someone offered to put me on a bus to the airport right now, i would probably like to stay where i am. >> reporter: hunkered down. >> i want sarah to be safe and i'm ready to pluck her out of there if i can but that's beyond our control. >> love you and talk to you soon. >> stay safe. >> love you and good-bye. oakland police have identified the man shot to death by officers saturday. the 39-year-old man barricaded himself inside a home in the 5500 block of taft avenue then he came out pointing a replica
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of an assault rifle at officers. they killed him. now several investigations are continuing. a shooting in san francisco earlier this month has reignited the debate over tasers. a man in a wheelchair threw a knife at police and he was tasered. he survived and no officers were hurt. now that the make you know of the police commission has changed some say the policy should change too. checking other bay area headlines. a small pump fire at a refinery was quickly extinguished this afternoon. fire crews were called about 2:30 p.m. this afternoon. the refinery says the flames were inside a unit and black smoke could be seen coming from the structure but there were no evacations or injuries. a candle light vigil is
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scheduled for tomorrow for the dublin girl that disappeared 22 years ago today while walking to her ice skating lesson. the recovery of jaycee dugard has affected the family's hopes that they will be found alive. there is a tip line. daly city might be the next community to ban plastic bags. city council will take up the proposal. the ban is in place in several cities. if it is approved it would be the first for san mateo county. a small plane crash in southern california left two people hurt but the damage left behind may look far worse. more now on what happened just moments after takeoff. >> reporter: a half mile from big bear's airport a private airplane slammed down between two houses which shocked neighborsness both. >> it looked like a fluorescent light bulb just blew up because
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i heard a big pow noise and all this light. and then i looked up and saw the whole roof was gone. >> reporter: theresa green was walking through her hallway. >> something hit me on the side of the head. i threw my arm up. i realized that it was the living room flying around. >> i hear the noise of the airplane first. >> reporter: next door the couple were still sleeping, their bed within feet of where the plane was halted. >> i jumped out of bed. and my wife was screaming. my son was sleeping in the other room. >> reporter: daniel said he operated in sheer panic until he saw his family was all okay. >> then and i told my son, hey, call 911. and the phone was not working. >> reporter: outside electric lines had come down. within minutes, both neighbors were at the plane trying to help the pilot. >> he was making some noises but he couldn't speak. >> reporter: firefighters who just arrived pulled the pilot
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out. he was flown to a hospital. meanwhile, emergency crews worried about leaking explosive fuel sealed off the area and the f.a.a. arrived. investigators say the plane was approaching the airport when for some reason it lost altitude, flipped over and became lodged between these two houses. >> he was taking off from the big bear airport. experienced possible engine problems. and made a turn around coming back to the airport to land. >> reporter: by late afternoon investigators carted away the plane piece by piece. >> i just started crying with my neighbor because i just can't believe when i see the plane. i was lucky to be alive. a new bill aimed at protecting pot smokers. what one state lawmaker says they should have never taken from them. headaches and detours ahead. the work about to begin that
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will snarl traffic in the heart of san francisco. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cw weather center. we have some rain around the bay area today. now those temperatures are starting to get pretty cold. the sky is clearing out. just how cold will it get? that's coming up.
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to prohibit employers from ical marijuana new protections for pot smokers in the works again. a state senator wants to prohibit employers from firing medical marijuana users if they are competent employees. it passed the legislature in 2007 but the government vetoed it and the state supreme court rejected such protections in 2008. it would exempt doctors, nurses, bus drivers and heavy equipment users. and it is one last deal for a wall in the creek pot dispensary. the c3 collective has agreed to cease operations permanently in exchange the city will wave $67,000 in fines. the business has been at odds with the city zoning laws since it opened in the summer of
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2009. when a judge agreed last year it was operating illegally, the city began imposing $500 a day fines. c3 abruptly gave up the fight earlier in the month when the deal was reached to drop the fines. getting around busy union scare in san francisco will get even more challenging starting tomorrow when the city will begin digging up the streets in preparation for the new central subway. don nap on the headaches ahead. >> reporter: one day some of this congestion on stockton at union square will be out of sight when the subway is completed as planned. >> most of the traffic will be on stockton in between sutter and market. so expect delays. expect detours. we are recommending people go around that area to make for a smoother ride to work or home. >> reporter: monday morning the digging begins here in front of neiman marcus then to stockton then back out to chinatown.
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it will take a year and a half to move utilities and another six years to complete the tunneling. eight years of construction and detours. this man is concerned. >> when they dug b.a.r.t, the worst thing that happened was just west of 5th to about 8th is still dead. i mean, it never really recovered because of the years it took. so i think they are planning it a little smarter this time. >> reporter: this animation from the website shows the route from the 3rd street light rail north to the convention center, up to market street, union square and chinatown. one of the most congested corridors in san francisco. >> based on the feedback we are hearing from the community this is something that people are excited about and people will use. the numbers indicate that more people will use it and more people will go from this point in the city together. >> reporter: this woman is not impressed. >> no need it. i'm from france and i love
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subways but you don't need it in this area. >> reporter: the project has its boosters especially in chinatown and they say the merchants just want to make the best of it. >> they will shove us around the corner so luis vuitton can watch us all day. monterey bay aquarium's first african blackfooted penguin chick was born this month. it was the second one. the first one died. it has been removed from the exhibit to protect it until it gets a little earlier. they hope the 2.5-pound baby will help raise awareness about threats to penguins. meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now. is the rain behind us? >> i think that's it. and, wow, in the middle of that dry spell we got a little rain and guess what, back to that dry spell again. looks like high pressure building in right now. still, as that ridge comes in,
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skies starting to clear out around the bay area. you now what, the temperature is getting pretty cold outside. and it is going to be chilly to start out your day for tomorrow. still, pretty impressive storm system rolling through the bay area waking up folks overnight with heavier amounts of rainfall and reports of a couple of lightning strikes. a couple of patches of tule fog. warmer weather on way. already 41 degrees in fare fields. 43 in concord. 45 degrees in livermore. the atmosphere really drying out now. and that cold air right behind that system going to help drop those temperatures. pretty chilly overnight tonight. 50s tomorrow. high country looking good. some of the higher peaks there nearly a foot of snow in some of the wetter spots. yes, it looks like plenty of snow to ski on and great
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conditions to go along with it. plan on some chilly temperatures, highs only in the 30s. overnight lows down into the single digits heading into the middle of the week. here is your trough diving into the state right now. low kicking eastward now. high pressure building in behind it. atmosphere stabilizing as the ridge builds in. here comes the fog again. looks like it will start to be a factor in the next couple days but toward the middle of the week we will watch that mix out just a bit. still, it will be cold early on tomorrow. hovering right around the freezing mark in santa rosa 33. 35 in the napa valley. 34 degrees in livermore. even inside the bay wouldn't be surprised if we saw a couple 30s and low 40s there as well. by tomorrow afternoon should be looking pretty good as we will see plenty of sunshine. as we head towards the east bay temperatures may be just a little bit cooler in spots especially over the mountain tops but not bad. you'll see lots of 50s and should be dry with lots of sunshine coming your way. north bay maybe some downslope winds into the santa rosa area.
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looking out over the next couple days here comes that dry weather again as high pressure builds into the bay area maybe some pretty windy conditions overnight tuesday night into wednesday. that should help to mix out the low cloud and some of the dense fog and temperatures, how about that? mid-60s by the middle of the week. by next weekend maybe some 70s. >> something to look forward to it. >> yes. >> lawrence, thank you. >> you're welcome. a sneak peek at the bay area's largest garage sale. bargain hunters paid to shop early at the white elephant snail. it has raised more than $15 million over the past 52 years. it kicks off march 6th. a special tribute to a san francisco pioneer. how one man is being honored for a civil rights campaign that predated roesa park.
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the state mess governor jerry brown will address california's financial crisis in his first state of
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the state message tomorrow. the governor is expected to repeat his call for a ballot measure to extend temporary tax increases for five years. the special election would come this summer. brown says that without that tax extension education, health and welfare programs will suffer even deeper cuts. a special honor today for a man who stood up to injustice during world war ii. his story is now being told to a new generation. linda yee has a tribute to fred kormatzu. >> reporter: fred did not live long enough to see this day but his family and friends who helped fight for justice say it is never too late. >> daddy, i know you're with us. look down, see all these people, they have come to honor and celebrate you. happy birthday. >> reporter: fred was 22 when he went to prison for refusing to go to an internment camp
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during world war ii. his crime being japanese. he knew as a american it was a violation of his civil rights. 40 years later his conviction was finally overturned and in 1998 he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom. the legal team who for years helped him through his court battles said this is an historic day. >> it is wonderful. it means celebration of one man's courage. it means a re-affirmation of our civil rights. and it means an educational story that we can teach the rest of the country. >> reporter: so what would have been fred's 92nd birthday today is now recognized as his official day in california. >> it is sad and happy at the same time. i think that the opportunity for education which was so important to my father is really what is important. and we need to get this story in all the schools. >> reporter: 500 teachers in schools around the state are teaching his story to the
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children. >> kormatzu. >> reporter: three schools are named for him. ninth grader andra alexander goes to one of them and is inspired by this new civil rights hero. >> one of the best quotes i have ever heard. protest but not with violence. one person can make a difference even if it takes 40 years. >> reporter: the reverend jesse jackson calls fred a liberation fighter much like martin luther king and nelson mandela. so the children who may not have known fred kormatzu before today will now hopefully never forget him. in berkeley, linda yee, cbs5. some important events of the asian new year underway tonight. they began celebrating pets with traditions including house cleaning and special holiday food celebrations. a big part of the new year focuses on letting go of troubles and focusing on a
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better year to come. a lunar celebration with a holiday bizarre and lots of great traditional foods. the new year focuses on reconciliation and wishing peace to everyone. by the way, this is the year of the rabbit. well, the warriors finally end their losing streak at home. i'm dennis o'donnell. speaking of streaks, the flying tomato. wait until you see this. next. fee court is now in session.
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now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls. to win the u.s. figure skating championship. 2- time defending champion jeremy abbott ryan bradley good enough to win the skating championship. christian start the clock please, after dropping the first three games the warriors
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got a w. the block. curry 96-81. super bowl is next week. there is a pro bowl this week. nine combined turnovers. d'angelo hall the mvp returning this fumble for a touchdown. now, lawrence, he never did what the raiders did. >> never. >> never. >> nfc scored the first few points. four goals down to beat erik staal 11-10. nobody cares. pga at torrey pines. baba watson. clutch birdie on 18. holds off phil mickelson for his second career win. x games shawn white in the super pike in second place after three of his first returns. second time around he nearly hits 20 feet jumping off the pipe. look at that. unbelievable. then he has a patented double twist. four straight golds in this event at the x games.
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>> all right. that's it for us. see you at 11:00 p.m. on cbs5. good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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